Our header bidding adaptor and simple JavaScript tag connects your site to the world's widest programmatic marketplace - DSPs, SSPs, ad exchanges and more - then our algorithm weighs bids in nanoseconds to ensure that you get top dollar for every impression sold.

  • Hundreds of publisher partners

  • Billions of Impressions served daily

  • Mobile, video & display Impressions


We are a transparent, collaborative and candid partner. Publishers who integrate our technology can expect a significant boost in revenue and streamline their ad operations

Simple JavaScript integration within your Prebid wrapper or ad-server

Transparent reporting on ad performance, CPM, ad requests, fill rates, ad impressions and more

No restrictive contracts, exclusivity requirements or ad serving fees

Fast, automated payment

Flexible ad delivery options

Support for multiple formats, sizes and screens

Our Technology

The result of a five-year research and development process, our fully-automated, hands free technology uses machine learning and the power of big data to offer publishers two big advantages:

Simple integration into a complex echo-system

You don’t need a staked ad ops team to integrate our technology. Simply by adding a JS tag to your header bidding wrapper or ad server, you’ll connect to the world’s biggest marketplace - Google AdX, OpenX, PulsePoint, PubMatic, Index, AOL and more.

Real-time impression Analysis

We use advanced machine learning and predictive modeling algorithms to dynamically create optimal floor prices and route each impression to the highest bidder. Our real-time technology typically yields a 20%-40% lift in revenue.


Mobile, Video, and Display, header bidding or tag based, Komoona’s products are designed with publishers in mind. We help our partners get the most out of their inventory while maintaining the best possible user experience.

Image Ads
Images Ads

Turn your site’s images into premium ad real estate and let us help create an incremental lift of revenue for your operation

Video Ads
Video Ads

Connect to the first publisher side out-stream platform to enhance your visitors experience and boost your ad revenue

Header bidding
Header Bidding

Access the world’s largest marketplace with Komoona’s Prebid.js adapter to unlock the real value of each impression

  • CoinMarketCap.com

    “Komoona prides themselves on their tech and it shows. Komoona consistently has the lowest number of reporting discrepancies of all our partners which is hugely appreciated when reconciling revenue reports at scale. We're happy to have them on board as one of our primary partners for programmatic.”

  • AdExchange
  • Publir

    “Komoona packages sharp insights and practical solutions for ad-space monetization with prioritized top-notch customer service and an easy-to-use platform, delivering great results!”

  • PubMatic
  • cheatsheet

    “Komoona truly understands ad optimization and lifting CPMs.”

  • OpenX